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The Amsterdam Center for Criminal Justice (ACCJ) is a research platform of the Department of Criminal Law of the Amsterdam Law School of the University of Amsterdam. The ACCJ is dedicated to the doctrinal, comparative, and inter- and cross-disciplinary study of criminal law, justice and policy across the domestic, transnational and international realms. ​​​​​​​The Center was established in 2021 with the aim of fostering cutting-edge research, research-based teaching, and public engagement in the field of criminal law and justice.


The Amsterdam Center for Criminal Justice is based in the Department of Criminal Law which prides itself on a long track record of academic excellence in international, transnational, and comparative criminal law and procedure. Over the past two decades, it has developed a strong domestic and international reputation for theoretical and practice‐oriented research on contemporary issues in Dutch, transnational, and international criminal justice. The establishment of the ACCJ ensures the consolidation and institutional embedding of criminal law research within the Amsterdam Law School as well as the renewal and diversification of the Department’s research agenda in line with the faculty’s programmatic needs and societal demands in the coming years.

Logo of the Amsterdam Center for Criminal Justice (ACCJ)


The ACCJ’s mission is to generate and stimulate innovative, critical and solution‐oriented research on criminal law, justice and policy in a global context. The ACCJ members engage in and contribute to scholarly and public debate on the modern-day challenges posed to criminal law and justice, which have societal relevance across the international, transnational and domestic realms.


The ACCJ’s members include all academic and teaching staff of the Department of Criminal Law at the Amsterdam Law School, as well as external (PhD) researchers associated with the Department.

The main governing body of the Center is the plenary meeting, consisting of the current staff members of the Department. The ACCJ’s daily operations are governed by the Executive Board, composed of the Center’s Director, Coordinators and Data and Social Media Managers.

Executive Board

Mr. dr. A.M. (Marieke) de Hoon

ACCJ Director

Mr. S.V. (Bas) Hellemons

ACCJ Coordinator

Data and Social Media Managers:

M.M. (Marta) Campos Pinto da Cruz

Faculty of Law

Criminal Law

N.C.O. (Nina) Hadeed LLM

Faculty of Law

Criminal Law