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Come to the conference 'Unheard, Unseen: Vulnerability in Criminal Law' on 23 May 2024. During this conference, we will address the vulnerabilities within the criminal justice system and discuss their impact on individuals. Through lectures and panel discussions featuring inspiring speakers, participants will gain a deeper understanding of these vulnerabilities and be challenged to reflect on their roles as legal professionals, academics, journalists, or students. One of the keynote speakers is Franc Weerwind, interim minister for Justice. This conference will be in Dutch.
Event details of Congress 'Unheard, Unseen: Vulnerability in Criminal Law'
23 May 2024
09:00 -18:00
Organised by
Sven Brinkhoff

At first glance, the application of criminal law may seem to leave little room for the theme of vulnerability. Central to it is the robust governmental response to various types of crime, including undermining and organized crime. However, vulnerability plays a significant role in this context. Factors exacerbating this vulnerability include the volume of criminal cases and available capacity, digitization, globalization, the coarsening of organized crime and its threat, societal tension, and polarization. This conference offers an opportunity to increase awareness and serves as a starting point for multidimensional further exploration.

Speakers and Chair

Chairperson: Bram de Waal, including crime reporter for the Dutch television programme EenVandaag

Keynote speakers:

  • Franc Weerwind, interim minister for Justice.
  • Sven Brinkhoff, professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law at the UvA
  • Ybo Buruma, justice in the Supreme Court
  • Yarin Eski, associate professor of Public Administration at the VU
  • Jan Meeus, crime reporter and podcast maker for NRC
  • Annette Nobuntu Mul, head lecturer of the Ubuntu, Leadership & Citizenship program at the International School for Philosophy in Leusden
  • Marieke de Hoon, associate professor of International Criminal Law at the UvA

Other participants at the conference:

  • Frank Wieland, former judge, including in the trial against Willem Holleeder
  • Alrik de Haas, criminal defence lawyer, deputy judge at the Court of Appeal in The Hague, chairman of the Foundation for Human Rights and Criminal Law
  • Jacco Janssen, judge in Rotterdam
  • Bassir Roya, senior policy advisor on organized crime, Ministry of Justice and Security
  • Theo de Roos, Emeritus professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law at Tilburg University
  • Bas Hellemons, PhD Fellow (lecturer/researcher) at the Criminal Law section of the UvA
  • Miranda de Meijer, European Prosecutor and Inaugural professor of Public Prosecution at the UvA
  • Marieke Rotman, investigative journalist at Platform Investico

Target Audience

The conference is practical, educational, engaging, and inspiring for various participants. For example, it is relevant for professionals active in criminal law. Judges, prosecutors, defence attorneys, and crime journalists may encounter multiple dimensions of vulnerability in their work. Additionally, this conference is of interest to scholars, University of Amsterdam Master's students in Criminal Law, and anyone connected to this theme.


The conference will be conducted in Dutch.


The conference will take place in the monumental building of the Royal Tropical Institute. The address is: Mauritskade 64, Amsterdam.


The conference 'Unheard, Unseen: Vulnerability in Criminal Law' is organized by the Amsterdam Center for Criminal Justice of the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the Foundation for Human Rights & Criminal Law.